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Square – it will gives the information about Area of Square, Perimeter of Square, Diagonal Of square, Formula of area square and convert Square Meter to Square Foot.

Area of Square

Area is defined as length multiply with length. If the square is ABCD then the area is AB * AC and the area is inside space in the boundary is called area and the all side of a square is same.

Area = Length * Length


Perimeter Of Square

Perimeter of square means the length of the boundary of the square is called as perimeter of Square and it will be find by addition of four time its length or multiplies its length with four.

Perimeter of Square = 4 * Length

Diagonal Of Square

It means the opposite vertex connection and the length is called length of the diagonal. In the bellow figure diagonal is AD and the length of the diagonal is square root of 2 multiple with the length.

Question Based on Area, Perimeter, Diagonal

  • Length of square is 15 cm. What is the area in (sq cm)?
    • (a) 30 (b) 125
    • (c) 225 (d) 50
  • Area is 169 square cm, then what is the length of square?
    • (a) 12 cm (b) 13 cm
    • (c) 14 cm (d) 15 cm
  • Diagonal of the square is 5 root 2 cm. What is the area in (sq cm)?
    • (a) 15 (b) 25
    • (c) 10 (d) 30
  • If the perimeter of a square is 48 cm. What is the length of square?
    • (a) 11 cm (b) 12 cm
    • (c) 13 cm (d) 14 cm
  • Perimeter of a square is 36 cm. What is the area (in sq cm)?
    • (a) 81 (b) 18
    • (c) 15 (d) 12
  • Length of square is 15 cm. What is the perimeter of the square?
    • (a) 30 cm (b) 15 cm
    • (c) 45 cm (d) 60 cm

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