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Knowing Our Number|Ncert Math|Class 6

In this article we study about the NCERT math class 6 chapter 1 Knowing our number. NCERT math we study about class 6 comparing number, place value, place value, reading and writing of large number and use comma for large number.

Introduction|Ncert math class 6

knowing the number contain some key point in ncert math of class VI such as

  • How to comparing the number?
  • How to make number from digit?
  • Shifting of digit
  • Face value and Place value
  • Reading and Writing the large number
  • Use of comma in large number

How to comparing the number?

If you have two number and comparing the two number then we have followed some step.

Step 1:-First we can count how many digit of number both are? Then we conclude higher digit number will be greater.

Example:- 9658 – It is a four digit number

578916- It is a six digit number and if compare two number then the six digit number will be greater and 9658<578916.

Step 2:- Then another problem is arises in this if two number is equal number of digit then we follow the second step. In this step we first see the higher place on number to lower place of the number and comparing the two number which number is greater that number will be greater.

Example:- Lets compare 5834 and 5764 first we compare the higher place and it this number higher place is 5 the both are equal. Then we go to the second place in second place first number contain 8 and second number contain 7, 8>7 that why 5834>5764.

How to make number from Digit?

Digit means a single number just like 1 and 7 but number is made up of number of digit or a single digit.

Example:-Lets make the four digit greater and smaller number using 8, 5, 4, 7. In this case we first see the greater number and smaller number in the digit and write descending order for grater number and ascending order for smaller number.

Shifting of Digit | Ncert math Class Vi

In shifting of number we study about how to shift a number to get a greater or smaller number as per the requirement. If we want a grater number then we shift the greater number to the higher place value and lower face value to lower place value position.

Example:- if a number is 5934 then we shift the higher place value 9 to thousand place and so on and the greater number is 9543.

Face value And Place value

Face value:- It is defined as the the value of the digit is called the face value. If the number is 574 the face value of 7 is 7 and the face value o 4 is 4.

Place value:- It is the value of its place if a number is in hundredth place then the place value is in hundredth. If the number is 5873 then the place value is 5 – 5000, 8 – 800, 7- 70 and 3 = 3.

Writing and Reading of large number

NumberCroreTen LakhLakhTen ThousandThousandHundredTenOne
19,46,485 1946485
Writing a number | Ncert Math

Reading a Large Number:- Reading a large number is easy if we read the above two number then

19,46,485 – Nineteen lakh forty six thousand four hundred eighty five

7,89,24,675 – seven crore eighty nine lakh twenty four thousand six hundred seventy five.

Use Comma in large number

We are use comma because of easy reading of the number it is in certain form to easily locate the number. We are adding comma from the one side of the number, First we put comma in three number the we put comma in two two number.

If a number is 875724572 then we put comma in 87,57,24,572.

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