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Ratio and Proportion

Ratio and Proportion gives the information about ratio, ratio formula and Ratio question. Ratio is the part of Ratio and proportion.

Ratio and Proportion

Introduction about Ratio and Proportion

Ratio is a part of Ratio and Proportion and Ratio is the relation between two quantities of same kind and ratio of two quantities represents the number time’s one quantity contain another quantity of the same kind and Ratio between two quantity a and b is denoted as a:b and real as a is to b.

  • In a ratio first term a is called as antecedent and second term b is called as consequent.
  • Ratio of two number is a fraction, when the first term a is numerator and second term b is called as denominator.

Properties of Ratio

  • The value of ratio remain unchanged, if each one of its term multiplied or  divided with same number.
  • If a:b and c:d are two ratio ,Then the compounded ratio is ac: bd.

Type Of Ratio

Simple Ratio

A ratio whose terms do not have any common factor other than ‘1’ is said to be simple ratio.
 e.g :- 2:3, 4:5, 6:7 etc..

Inverse Ratio

If the first and second term of ratio are interchanged to each other, then the new ratio is called as inverse of ratio and It also called as reciprocal ratio.
e.g:- Inverse ratio 2:3 is converted into 3:2.

Compound Ratio

Ratio are said to have been compounded when their antecedent have been multiplied to given resultant and new antecedent and consequent have been multiplied to give resultant new consequent. The compound ratio a:b and c:d is ab: cd.
e.g:-2:3 and 5:6 is 10:18.

For Known about Proportion

Important Formula Of Ratio

Ratio and proportion
  • Ratio of two quantities equivalent to the fraction that one quantity is of the other.
  • First part of the quantity =Total quantity* (first term / Sum of all term)
  • Second part = Total quantity * (second term / sum of all term)

Question Based On Ratio and Proportion

  • Two number are in the ratio of 2:3. If 9 is added to each, they will be in the ratio of 3:4 the number are

                        (a) 12,28                (b) 18,27
                        (c) 6,12                  (d) 10,18

  • A, B and C divided an amount of ₹ 9861 among themselves in the ratio of 3 :11 :5. What is the B’s shear in the amount?

                         (a) ₹ 4671              (b) ₹ 5709
                         (c) ₹ 6226              (d) ₹ 7266

  • If a:b = 5:14 and b:c = 7:3, Then find a:b:c?

                        (a) 7:3:6                  (b) 5:14:6
                        (c) 8:3:5                  (d) 5:6:9

  • What must be added to each term of the ratio 49:68, so that it becomes 3:4?

                        (a) 11                       (b) 10
                        (c) 9                         (d) 8

  • The ratio of number of boys and girls in a class room is 4:3.If there are 480 boys in the class room, Find the number of girls in the class room.

                      (a) 300                        (b) 320
                      (c) 340                        (d) 360

  • If ratio of two number is 3:7, If there antecedent is 33, What is the consequent?

                      (a) 75                          (b) 76
                      (c) 78                          (d) 80

  • The ratio of two number is 3:8 and their difference is 115. What is the largest number?

                      (a) 181                         (b) 182
                      (c) 183                         (d) 184

  • What is the ratio between 7 months and 7 year?

                      (a) 1:14                         (b) 1:12
                      (c) 1:15                         (d) 1:13

  • If A:B = 3:4, B:C = 5:6 and C:D = 11:9, then A:D is

                       (a) 55:74                       (b) 55:72
                       (c) 55:84                       (d) 55:71

  • The ratio of the length and breadth of a rectangle is 5:4 . If the length is 25 m, the area is (meter square)

                        (a) 250                          (b) 400
                        (c) 500                          (d) 600

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