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Properties Of Rectangle

  • Rectangle is a quadrilateral, means which have made by four line segment.
  • A Rectangle having four side and opposite side parallel to each other.
  • Rectangle are four angle and two diagonal.
  • Sum of all the angle of a rectangle is 360 degree and individual angle are 90 degree.
  • Opposite side of a rectangle are equal and four vertices will be there.

In the above picture four line segment are AB, BD, AC,CD.

AB || CD , AC || BD and A, B, C, D are four vertices and AB=CD, AC=BD.

Two diagonal in this figure is AD and BC.

Rectangle Area

Area of rectangle means the total inside space in between the boundaries or total space in the four segment.

Area of equilateral triangle

Rectangle area

Blue mark inside the figure ABCD is called area and area of rectangle found by multiplying length and breadth.

Area of rectangle formula = Length * Breadth or AB * BD

Area and Perimeter Of Rectangle Formula

Sum of four side or boundaries of a rectangle is called as perimeter of rectangle. It can find by two method sum of all side of the rectangle or by the formula method.

Perimeter of rectangle formula = 2*(Length + Breadth)

Question on Rectangle

Question On Rectangle

Rectangle area
  • Area of a rectangle which length is 9 cm and breadth is 5 cm area in (square cm)
    • (a) 36 (b) 45
    • (c) 56 (d) 54
  • Perimeter of a rectangle is 28 cm, if length of the rectangle is 9 cm then the breadth is
    • (a) 5 cm (b) 6 cm
    • (c) 7 cm (d) 8 cm
  • Area of a rectangle is 50 square cm, If length is doubled of breadth then the length is
    • (a) 5 cm (b) 6 cm
    • (c) 8 cm (d) 10 cm

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