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Simple Interest|Simple Interest Formula

Simple Interest Formula is a main topic in math. We discus Simple Interest Formula, Simple Interest Question, Simple Interest Problem.

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Introduction Simple Interest

when ever we barrow some money from someone we can return something extra for charges. That is called interest and It is going in ancient time the money lender give the money to people to take more from them but today this work done by the Bank. Interest is generals calculated by Simple Interest Formula two type
  • Simple Interest
  • Compound Interest

Interest Formula

If we borrowed on a certain sum from some  period of time and some percentage. Then we calculated the simple interest (S.I) and S.I is always calculated on the basic of principal.

Compound Interest

In compound interest the interest will be add to the principal in one year and interest will be calculated on sum of principal and interest.

Terms Of Simple Interest Formula

Principle :-The amount of borrowing or lending to some one is called Principal and The interest will be calculated basic of Principal and it is denoted as P.
Amount:-When the interest formula for a specific period of time is added to the principle and then the sum is called as Amount and it is denoted as A.
Amount = Principle + Interest
Time Period:- Time period is the borrowing or landing money is return back or renewal will be decided is called as time period and it is denoted as T.
Rate Of Interest:-The interest is calculated as ‘per cent per year  and this rule of borrowing or lending is known as rate of interest and it is denoted as R.

Interest Formula

Simple Interest Formula (S.I) = (P *T *R) / 100
Amount = Principle + Interest
Principle (P) = (SI *100) /R * T 
Rate (R) = (SI * 100) / P * T
Time (T) = (SI * 100) / P * R

Simple Interest Question

Simple Interest|Simple Interest Formula
  • The difference of 13% per annum and 12% of a sum in 1 yr is ₹110. Then the sum is 

                (a) ₹12000          (b) ₹13000

                (c) ₹11000          (d) ₹16000
  • In how many years will ₹7500 double at 8% simple interest?

               (a) 12.5                (b) 10

               (c) 20                   (d) 8
  • In how many years will ₹1450  amount to ₹2146 at 8% per annum simple interest

                (a) 1                     (b) 4

                (c) 6                     (d) 8
  • What sum will amount to ₹ 3300 in 2 yr 6 month at 15% per annum S.I?

(a) ₹2000              (b) ₹ 2400

           (c) ₹2600              (d) ₹2800
  • At what rate percent per annum will the SI on ₹2500 be ₹750 in 3 year?

           (a) 10                    (b) 15

           (c) 20                    (d) 25
  • Simple interest on ₹ 500 for 4 yr at a rate of 8% per annum is

           (a) ₹10                   (b) ₹32

           (c) ₹40                   (d)₹160
  • Find he SI on ₹12000 for 8 yr 4 months at 3% per annum?

            (a) ₹2000               (b) ₹3000

            (c) ₹5000               (d) ₹10000
  • The monthly simple interest on ₹1000 is ₹15. Then what is the yearly rate of interest is?  

            (a) 12%                  (b) 15%

            (c) 18%                  (d) 30%
  • At what rate per cent per annum sum of money becomes 4 times of itself in 15 yr?

             (a) 8%                    (b) 10%

             (c) 15%                  (d) 20%
  • The simple interest on ₹1500 for 2 yr at 8% per annum

              (a) ₹120                  (b) ₹360

              (c) ₹240                  (d) ₹480        

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