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Speed Distance Time

Speed distance time gives the information about speed distance time formula and related problem of speed distance time problem with solution of class 5, Speed formula, Distance formula, Time Formula, Average Speed, Relative speed.


speed distance time

Speed Formula

It is defined as the distance covered by a unit time. It is the rate at which the distance is covered and Uint of Speed is commonly taken as km/h.

    Speed = Distance/Time

  • To Convert speed km/h to m/s multiply speed by 5/18.
  • Convert m/s to km/h multiply speed by 18/5.

Time Formula

Time = Distance / Speed

It is defined as a quantity, which governs the order of sequence of an occurrence. In the absence of time is actually sequence of any occurrence or indecent would be lost. If we did not have the concept of time. We would not be able know what period or in what order something took place and Unit of Time Hour (h) and second (s) are mostly in taken are unit of time.

Distance Formula

 Distance = Speed*Time

When an object is moving one place to another in certain path then the path covered by the object is called the distance and Unit of Distance is kilo mete (km) and meter (m) are mostly used in distance.

Different Type Of Speed

Average Speed 

It means total distance covered by the total time and formula of average speed.
Average speed = (Total distance covers)/ (Total Time)

Relative Speed

Relative speed means when two bodies are moves together in same direction or opposite direction then the bodies are relative to each other.

  • Lets two body A and B.
  • If A and B are going opposite to each other then the relative speed is A+B.
  • A and B are  in same direction in different speed then the relative speed is A-B.
  • Two object A and B are going in same direction at same speed then the relative speed is zero.

speed distance time problem with solution of class 5

speed distance time
  • In a race of 1 km A defeat B by 36 m or 18 s. How much time (in sec) did a take to complete the full distance.

                (a) 500               (b) 582
                (c) 463               (d) 482

  • Train covers 400 km in 8 h , The average speed of the bus is 

                (a) 30 km/h         (b) 40 km/h
                (c) 55 km/h        (d) 60 km/h

  • Convert 36 km/h into m/s

                (a) 8 m/s             (b) 9 m/s
                (c) 10 m/s           (d) 11 m/s

  • Change 60 m/s into km/h

                 (a) 218 km/h         (b) 216 km/h
                 (c) 220 km/h         (d) 222 km/h

  • Find the time taken to cover a distance of 124 km by a train moving at 45 km/h.

                 (a) 2 h 45 min       (b) 2 h 50 min
                 (c) 2 h 55 min       (d) 2 h 57 min

  • A car complete a journey in 6 h with a speed of 50 km/h . At what speed must it travel to complete the journey in 5 h?

                  (a) 50 km/h          (b) 55 km/h
                  (c) 60 km/h          (d) 45 km/h

  • Car run at a speed of 40 km/h in 1 h and 60 km/h in 2nd hour. What is the average speed of the car?

                   (a) 50 km/h          (b) 45 km/h
                   (c) 48 km/h          (d) 40 km/h

  • 12.5 m/s can be expressed into km/h as

                    (a) 40 km/h          (b) 45 km/h
                    (c) 50 km/h          (d) 55 km/h

  • A cyclist covers 12 km in 1 hour, What is his speed?

                     (a) 100 m/s           (b) 200 m/s
                     (c) 300 m/s           (d) 2000 m/s

  • Bus is running at a speed of 60 km/h. The distance covered by the bus is 4 h 30 min will be

                     (a) 230 km             (b) 240 km
                     (c) 270 km             (d) 200 km

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