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Train Problem|Aptitude Question

Train problem gives the inform the train question or aptitude question.

Train Problem|Aptitude question


Train Problem is the problem based on speed,time and distance but some modification will be their for solving the Train problem. Train problem we can find the speed of train , Distance of train travel, time taken.

Concept For Solve Train Problem

Relative Speed

Relative speed means when a object speed decide by the speed of another body.

  • When two train A and B or Train and person are going to speed of difference then the relative speed is (A – B) or (Speed of train – Speed of person).
  • When two train A and B or Train And person are going on opposite direction then the relative speed is (A + B) or (speed of train + Speed of speed of person).
  • When two train are going to a similar speed then the relative speed of the train is zero.
  • When a train crosses a poll or a person then the distance covered is the length of the train.
  • When a train cross a bridge or platform then the distance cover is the sum of the length of train and length of bridge.

Aptitude Train Question

Train problem|Aptitude question
  • A train is running at a uniform speed of 75 km/h . How much time does it take to cover a distance of 350 km?

                     (a) 4 hour                (b) 5 hour
                     (c) 4 h  30 min        (d) 4 h 40 min

  • A train 210 m long took 12 sec to pass a 90 m long tunnel. Find the speed of the train.

                     (a) 90 km/h             (b) 92 km/h

                     (c) 75 km/h             (d) 76 km/h
  • The speed of the train is 5 m/s. What is the speed in (km/h)?

                      (a) 16                      (b) 17

                      (d) 18                      (d) 20
  • A train runs at 45 km/h. How far does it go in 6 s?

                     (a) 50 m                   (b) 55 m

                     (c) 56 m                   (d) 75 m
  • A 270 m long goods train is running at 40.5 km/h. How much time will it take to cross a tree?

                      (a) 10 s                    (b) 11 s

                      (c) 24 s                    (d) 13 s
  • Find the time taken to cover a distance of 124 km by a train moving at 45 km/h.

                       (a) 2 h 45 min          (b) 2 h 50 min

                       (c) 2 h 55 min          (d) 2 h 57 min
  • Train running with 54 km/h . What is the time taken by train to cross 90 m platform?

                        (a) 10 s                      (b) 8 s

                        (c) 6 s                        (d) 4 s
  • A train covers a distance 3 km in 2 min. How much distance will it cover in 6 h?

                       (a) 180 km                  (b) 240 km

                       (c) 540 km                  (d) 1080 km
  • A train starts at 10:50 am from New Delhi at a speed of 80 km/h, then what time will it cover the distance of 120 km?

                     (a) 11 : 50 am               (b) 12 : 50 pm

                     (c) 12 : 20 pm              (d) 1 : 50 pm
  • A train covers the distance of 300 km in 5 h, What is the speed of the train?

                      (a) 10 km/h                  (b) 20 km/h

                      (c) 60 km/h                  (d) 70 km/h

  • A train is 125 m long. If the train takes 30 s to cross a tree by the railway line, then the speed of the train is

                       (a) 14 km/h                 (b) 15 km/h

                       (c) 16 km/h                 (d) 12 km/h

Train Question

  • A  train running at the speed of 90 km/h crosses a 250 m long platform in 22 s. What is the length of the train?

                     (a) 280 m                       (b) 260 m

                     (c) 250 m                       (d) 300 m
  • A 250 m long train crosses a pole in 15 s. What is its speed (in km/h)?

                      (a) 90                              (b) 45

                      (c) 70                              (d) 60
  • A 175 m long train crosses a 35 m platform in 12 s. What is the speed  (in km/h) of the train?

                       (a) 42                              (b) 64

                       (c) 63                              (d) 59
  • A train 100 m length is running at a speed of 72 km/h. What is the time taken by the train to cross a bridge of length 525 m?

                       (a) 0.087 h                       (b) 0.0087 h

                       (c) 0.75 h                         (d) 0.075 h
  • A train 180 m long. If it runs at a speed of 90 km/h, How long will it take to pass an electric pole?

                        (a) 0.002 h                      (b) 0.003 h

                        (c) 0.004 h                      (d) 0.02 h

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